Photo of Larry and Joan ScottLarry & Joan Scott: Larry is Co-Owner of our orchard and a third-generation fruit farmer. He is married to Joan Scott and together they have 2 children, Jill Scott-Swinford and Kevin Scott. The two have been married since 1966. Larry is in charge of most of our fruit harvesting operations while Joan is the one who makes our delicious caramel apples for our farm. This is an annual treat that everyone enjoys when they come to visit.

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Photo of Tommy and Kay ScottTommy and Kay Scott: Tommy was Co-Owner of our orchard and a third-generation fruit farmer up until he passed away in May of 2019. He was married to Kay Scott since 1972. Tommy handled most of our farming operations including all the row crops here on the farm while Kay is the one who makes our super sweet, candied apples. If you see one while you’re here, you better grab it, they sell out fast!

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Photo of Kevin and Martha ScottKevin and Martha Scott: Kevin is the son of Larry, one of our co-owners, and a fourth-generation fruit farmer. He is the father to Will Scott. Kevin is married to Martha Scott and together they have Alex Scott. Martha oversees and assists in the beginning processes of all our baked goods. She prepares all our fruit for our fried pies and many other delicious treats (insert ice cream coming soon!) on our farm.

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photo of Will ScottWill Scott: Will is the son of Kevin, and is the fifth-generation of fruit farmers we have here at the orchard! Will has been working on the farm full-time since 2015 after he graduated Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. Will handles the Pick-Your-Own Operation, farmers markets, our Farm-to-School program, and our entire food safety program.

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