Farm Food Collaborative

We are proud to be a part of the North Alabama Farm Food Collaborative.  This collaborative project allows us to be more engaged in our own community as local producers.  The Food Bank of North Alabama works in coooperation with  numerous local farmers to collectively bring together our produce for resale. Acting as a hub, the Food Bank is then able to help us distribute our products to public schools, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and workplace cafeterias in our region.

We offer our locally grown and picked apples to the Madison County and Madison City School system this year.  Knowing we can contribute on a small scale to the education of our country’s future makes our hard work worthwhile.  Each of the 39 school cafeterias place weekly and biweekly orders through the Collaborative.  We pack the orders and deliver straight to their door with freshly picked and washed apples ready for the students in each of their schools.  We hope to educate the schools and students on the different varieties they order each week too by providing them materials about our apples.

Buying local means you create a connection between your food and the hands

that prepared it just for you.