Apple Season Update 2014

Apple season has flown by this year. We have been blessed beyond measure to be so busy (and to be able to see so many familiar faces). BUT it is not too late to get some apples! We still have several APPLE varieties that we are still selling. With the way things are looking right now, we expect to be open with apples a little past Thanksgiving. At the moment (Wednesday, November 5, 2014) we have plenty of Winesap and Granny Smith apples. We are reaching the end of our Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Dixie Red apples. We started picking Pink Lady apples on October 28, and we hope to be through harvesting the rest of our Pink Lady apples within the next week. Make sure to keep up with the apples we still have for sell by using the Current Inventory drop-down on our website.

We will continue to make CIDER multiple times a week through November; however, once the apples run out, we will not be able to make cider anymore.

We still have plenty of MOLASSES but we are getting extremely low on our HONEY. If you are wanting some honey to get through the winter, you need to make that purchase as soon as possible.

Mac Rogers and Matt West will continue to supply us with their awesome local SWEET POTATOES as long as we are open with apples.

You can always shoot us an email ( or give us a call (256-828-4563) if you have any questions.

Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing such great harvests with our family. Y’all truly make our jobs wonderful!